Yellow Boxy Dashboard HTML Template

The last two Dashboard Spy templates have been very popular. Thanks for the positive comments! I’m glad you’re using them to mock up your business dashboard projects. A Dashboard Spy newsletter subscriber wrote me asking if I would provide a dashboard template that dealt with the browser size issue. Typically, in a corporate environment, we have the luxury of being able to dictate a screen resolution and browser. More than likely, it’s Internet Explorer running at a 1024 pixel width, followed by 800 pixel width. This dashboarder, however, needed a design that would work on a business scorecard meant for a general web audience.

I came up with the Yellow Boxy Dashboard HTML Template. As you can see, it’s one of those “float in the middle with a fixed width” type of designs that is so popular with blogs and such these days.

Hope it’s useful to you.

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Yellow Boxy Dashboard Template

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  1. I want this template to download.
    Is it free or paid
    I am registered to this site
    I want yellow page tamplate


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