Xcelsius Dashboard Status Indicators

Every enterprise dashboard user loves those red/yellow/green traffic light indicators to show performance status or project health, right? So how come Xcelsius, that rapidly growing excel-based dashboard tool, doesn’t provide dashboard lights out-of-box?

Well, thanks to the Dashboard Spy wannabe, Dashboard Guy, we get a link to a tutorial on how to create dashboard lights in Xcelsius such as these (I’ve clipped them into separate graphics in case you want to save them and use them on your dashboard mockups) :

Xcelsius dashboard red light    Xcelsius Yellow Light Indicator    Xcelsius Green Light

For the link, go to the Dashboard Guy post on how to Create Traffic Light Indicators in Xcelsius.

Here is another image showing the lights in use. Note that the xcelsius output is flash-based (you can’t see that here, but go to the link listed in the post to try out the interactive version). In the example, you can pick a name in the left panel and see the ranking of technical skills, efficiency, leadership and overal performance by color. There is a value underneath the light post and additional detail is available by hovering over the color itself.

Xcelsius Traffice Indicator

By the way, the author of the article is the same as the author of the very excellent book, Crystal Xcelsius For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

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