What Makes a Dashboard Good or Bad?

Update: Working on a KPI dashboard for dentists. Seems that my dentist is quite serious about improving his dental practice with a good performance measurement program.

I firmly believe that good design in general and good information dashboard design in particular is about pushing the bounds of the usual and mundane. By questioning the validity of often overused design solutions, we can present data visualization that is fair and trustworthy. Enterprise dashboard designers should always be in the thick of debates about good or bad design.

Is this a good dashboard or bad dashboard?

I point you to an excellent discussion going on over at Stephen Few’s blog. His post, Dental Work by Road Workers With Jackhammers — Dashboard Design Gone Awry, is a really excellent critique of an executive dashboard. It is really in depth and pulls no punches (with a title like that, it had better be good).

The business dashboard in question is by the George S. May International Company (gsmdashboards.com) and can be seen in full size here.

I encourage all interested in dashboard design to read the post and join the discussion. Enterprise dashboard design should be contentious and lively. Enjoy.

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