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Dashboards are great for monitoring business metrics and KPIs. That’s the first use case that comes to mind when we talk about business dashboards. Think of all the graphs and charts that show operating trends and point out the health of the company.

A large number of dashboards, however,  focus on bringing industry news to the user. When monitoring an entire industry, whether for competitive reasons or because you just need to keep tabs on the latest industry trends and developements, you can easily be overwhelmed by the volume of information. Presenting industry news in an organized, dashboard-style presentation brings a lot of value to the user. This is particularly true if the dashboard logic includes categorization and roll-up functionality.

Let’s take an insider’s look at the venture deal news within a specific industry vertical. There is actually something called the Venturepedia Dashboard. Take a look at this screenshot of a news digest dashboard that tracks the lastest deals within the Cleantech industry. For those that need a primer (like me), the term “Cleantech” stands for Clean Technology. It represents the services and products that improve energy generation efficiency while reducing pollution, waste and energy consumption. It’s a fast growing industry fueled by rising public awareness of the need for clean technology development. The venture capital flow within this industry is robust and hence the need for this Clean Tech Venture Deal Dashboard:

Venture Deal Tracking dashboard

As you see, this news dashboard packs in a lot of information:

The dashboard focuses on Cleantech deals in Europe. The dashboard is divided into the following webparts or portlets:

  • Latest Venture Deals – includes recipient name, deal stage, value and date
  • Library News Blog – excerpts of industry news articles from a news feed.
  • Capital Requirments – list of companies seeking venture funding. Includes data fields such as company name, funding stage and type of funding
  • Recent Exits – this tracks the key part of the deal from the perspective of the venture capitalist – exiting the deal (and collecting your money!).
  • Venture Deals – tracks deals by sector and by total invested. Presented on the dashboard graphically with bar charts.
  • Most Active Venture Capital Investors – lets you see who is funding deals, how many VC deals, and in what amounts.

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