GMaps Plugin for Xcelsius Dashboards

The ComputerWorld Best Places to Work Dashboard was a mashup that featured a Google Maps component. I particularly liked seeing that on the dashboard, so I decided delve into the details of how Google Maps was incorporated into the Xcelsius 2008 dashboard.

It turns out that the functionality is achieved through Xcelsius plugins from Centigon Solutions. Ryan Goodman, the founder of Centigon (and Dashboard Spy reader and contributor – see Xcelsius Gas Price Data Visualization) was kind enough to participate in a Dashboard Spy interview. He explains their approach as well as his opinions on Xcelsius 2008 as a business intelligence platform.

But, first, let’s take a look at a demo dashboard put together by Ryan to demonstrate the plugin components for Xcelsius 2008. You can try out the Google Maps for Xcelsius Demo Dashboard for yourself at the link.

GMAP googlemaps plugin for Xcelius Dashboards

The Dashboard Spy Interview with Ryan Goodman:
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