Infographic on Teen Opinion on Email

Dashboard Spy on Infographic Example: What do teens think of email? Aweber has done an infographic on the future of email use as seen through the teenager viewpoint. Here is the infographic:

teen email infographic

Here is the synopsis of the infographic.

Note that the data is based on a survey distributed to the teenagers:

The majority of those who believe email is dying say that email is not fast enough, and isn’t mobile. They don’t realize that phones can handle email alerts along with Facebook updates. This misconception may stem from the fact that the majority of smartphone users are not in high school.

Many of the students (57%) agreed that email is good for business communication. Others pointed out that an email address is required for many sites, and that social media and email pair well together to cover informal and formal communication needs.

Many students only took their current use of email into account when responding, and didn’t discuss the possibility of future use. However, some did mention that email is currently important for business and professional communications.