The EDS Service Excellence Client Dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard Topic of the Day: Service Desk (Help Desk) Dashboards

When one thinks of a typical service desk dashboard or helpdesk dashboard, one imagines a helpdesk manager poring over the service level metrics. Yes, it’s true that most service level dashboards are used by the people providing the service. But what about exposing dashboard metrics to those USING the service?

IT services giant, EDS, offers transparency to their client base by publishing a weekly service quality number. It serves as both a Quality of Service metrics as well as a great marketing tool. They survey executives at their 900 clients. As explained at, “We use this Web-enabled, real-time information system to ensure that the quality of services we deliver to 900 clients is known at all times – even at the highest levels of the corporation. Our stoplight, red-yellow-green scoring is simple to understand and consistently used across the globe. By using a private, customized view of the dashboard – the Service Excellence Client Dashboard – clients can check on their status and provide real-time feedback to EDS support teams directly from their desktops. Plus, they can initiate a survey process whenever they wish and invite any participants they feel deserve a vote on EDS’ performance rating.”

Service Excellence Client Dashboard 

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