Service Desk Dashboard – tracking support call KPIs for a helpdesk operation

Service Desk Dashboards: For the enterprise’s IT trouble-shooters, a service desk dashboard is likely one of the most valuable tools in their collection. Few teams in the enterprise suffer from more real-time urgency than the service desk which makes the need for an effective help desk dashboard more acute.

First we examine a typical help desk dashboard, then we have a quick glance at a desktop dashboard for service desk dashboard reporting.

This peek at a support desk KPI enterprise dashboard comes from a company running the HEAT service management suite to optimize its IT service functions. The IT group takes the performance data as input for this call data dashboard. KPIs include number of open calls, escalated calls, calls received today, percentage of annual daily average, closed calls, calls more than 3 weeks old and a statistic that I really like – calls not updated in the last 7 days. I feel that this statistic is important in terms of customer satisfaction. The client obviously wants fast action. As the open call ages, the satisfaction index would obviously decrease. The 7 day mark seems like a good spot for some “We’re working on it” contact.

helpdesk dashboard

Now we look at using the desktop area as a deployment platform for a service desk dashboard. Take a look at this help desk dashboard from Klipfolio. It actually works as a widget that resides on your desktop!

service desk dashboard

From the Klipfolio site:

Cut response times and increase customer satisfaction

Improve performance across the support department with real-time tracking and sharing of incidents, cases, and metrics. Frontline agents can make choices based on up-to-the-minute data. Management can shuffle resources to accommodate changing workloads – leveraging data from Parature, Remedy, Heat, and other systems. Resolve more problems in less time. Make a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Put priorities front and center

Desktop dashboards put individually tailored KPIs on support-organization desktops. Key indicators are “top of mind” at all times. Individuals never lose sight of what they are accountable for and must act on. They can do more with less. Their actions are aligned with goals driven by carefully crafted strategies underlying the indicators in front of them. No more real-time data trapped in enterprise systems, in trouble-ticketing applications, or on big-boards, white boards, or flip charts. Priorities are front and center.

Helpdesk Dashboard

Homework: Study up on this subject with these books on help desk management.

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