Powerpoint Dashboard Mockup

A Dashboard Spy reader wrote me asking about a powerpoint template I created for the purpose of creating quick business dashboard mockups. I sent it to him, but thought to share it again with all the readers here.

Use this link to download the ppt file: Powerpoint Dashboard Mockup Template

It’s a pretty nice tool. Feel free to use it to mock up your next dashboard project.

Here’s a screenshot of it.

Project Status Dashboards in PowerPoint

Dashboard Spy readers never believe me when I tell them how many PowerPoint dashboards I see out in the field. Yes, that’s right – it’s not a mis-statement. I said Microsoft PowerPoint for enterprise dashboarding! Don’t believe me? Look within your own organization and I’m sure you’ll find project tracking, status reporting and other related task being done with Powerpoint. Believe it or not, I’ve even seen pharmaceutical marketing departments exchange data feeds with partner companies through powerpoints that contained embedded data tables!

Just because a dashboard is implemented in Powerpoint, however, don’t dismiss it as the output of someone who doesn’t know anything about executive dashboarding or enterprise reporting. It may be because of the installed user-base of powerpoint, the fact that you can distribute it as a powerpoint show (pps file) or simply the fact that most people are not intimidated by powerpoint, that it is being used.

For our dashboard example today, we take a look at this Powerpoint dashboard:

Powerpoint Dashboard Continue reading