Pop-Up Dashboard for 2008 Election Results

Topic: The Times Uses a Pop-Up Dashboard for its Election 2008 Dashboard.

The New York Times site is known for its strength with information visualization and use of the information dashboard paradigm. It goes without saying that The Dashboard Spy constantly monitors them for new uses and presentations of business intelligence dashboards.

Today, Election Day 2008, we need the nytimes.com site using what they call a “Pop-Up Dashboard”. Take a look at this screenshot and you’ll see a home page blurb touting the New York Times Election 2008 Dashboard: “Monitor live election results with the Times’s Election 2008 Dashboard”. I have not seen the calling of a little dashboard via a pop-up link. Maybe I just never thought of it because I always like to feature big, full-page dashboards, but this idea is interesting. Imagine being able to call up different little focused popup dashboards during the course of your visit. Interesting.

What do you think?

New York Times Election 2008 Dashboard

Click on the image below to launch the Pop-Up Dashboard. Note that live results don’t start until 6 PM eastern time.


Here’s a screen capture of the NY Times Election Dashboard from after the election:

NY Times Election dashboard

Here is a live election results map from Google:

And here is a recent survey of different political dashboards.

Political Dashboards

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