A Political Campaign Tracking Dashboard – Measuring the mud slinging with the Mud Meter

Update: Track the 2008 Presidential election results with this map from Google:

Enterprise Dashboards playing a role in political campaigns and elections? Maybe so. Here is a look at how dashboards can track data for a campaign. 

The 2004 presidential campaign was remembered for its mudslinging. The smart folks at Arizona State University tracked the nastiness with its Campaign Tracking Dashboard. Here is a screenshot of this neat performance scorecard.

Political Campaign Dashboard Screenshot

Homework: What do you think about categorizing dashboards into the following types (defined by Malik):

Considering the myriad applications of dashboards within organizations, dashboards may be grouped into the following major categories:

• Enterprise performance dashboards

• Divisional dashboards

• Process/activity monitoring dashboards

• Application dashboards

• Customer dashboards

• Vendor dashboards 

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