Manufacturing Operations Dashboard

A reader sent me these pictures of a manufacturing dashboard to post. Take a look. The first shot shows an executive dashboard mounted on the wall of a conference room. I’m pretty sure that dashboard is fake (photoshopped) unless it’s a poster on the wall.

Manufacturing Dashboard in Conference Room

Here’s a close up of the data. It’s hard to see, but the table displays important statistics about a particular product type at one location:

  • How many are presently in process?
  • On average, how long does it take to move a unit through the floor?
  • What’s the first pass yield?
  • Are shipments on plan?
  • When’s the last time anyone tested a product?
  • When’s the last time we communicated with the floor?

Totals are provided in the far right column and bottom row. As manufacturing events, tests, and measurements occur on the different floors around the world, resulting statistics are immediately updated on the board.

Operations data dashboard

OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Dashboards

Manufacturing systems look to optimize flows within the production lines. OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the study of production assets (machinery) in order to eliminate bottlenecks and identify areas of poor performance or excess capacity. The underlying idea is that you can create a combined measurement of equipment availability, performance rate and quality rate (Availability times Performance Rate times Quality Rate). Several years ago, we looked at how a software product called OEE Impact Connect used a Bottling Line Dashboard to monitor metrics on the shop floor. Today, at the request of a Dashboard Spy reader who just got assigned to a dashboard project within a shop floor environment, we examine other screenshots from that OEE dashboard platform.

Apologies for the small size of this screenshot, but here is an overview dashboard of a manufacturing environment. This screenshot and the ones that follow are from resources located at the site.

real time manufacturing dashboard

This is the dashboard studied previously. It’s for monitoring a bottling operation.

Bottling Production Metrics

Here is an annotated view of the bottling line dashboard. Note that at each station along the production line, there is a computer monitor. That is where the line operator can enter data about the current production run.

Bottling Line Dashboard

Here is a look at the data entry interface that would appear on those monitors. Line operators punch in data during the course of a production run. Downtime metrics are captured in this manner. Obviously, this requires establishment of standard operating procedures and worker training.

shop floor data entry for production run information

Once the data is captured, you can of course, start producing all sorts of reports and monitoring dashboards.

In this manufacturing production asset dashboard, you can group assets and report on production metrics based on shifts.

oee dashboard

You can create dashboard or scoreboard views that target specific production processes.

oee scoreboard

Historical analysis of Overall Equipment Effectiveness metrics is always important:

historical OEE analysis dashboard

And of course, Excel can be part of the dashboarding mix:

OEE Excel Dashboard

More information on OEE can be found in this OEE Online Tutorial.

You can also view this Manufacturing OEE video. It explains the OEE calculation and introduces relevant concepts.

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