Communicating Through Business Dashboards

Many companies are still just getting into business intelligence dashboards, so it probably is a bit premature to talk about Dashboards 2.0. But, we as a community have certainly learned a thing or two about the best practices of presenting business information through digital dashboards.

Let’s look at the cutting edge of dashboarding and see what innovations are happening there – particularly with the use of business dashboards as active messaging platforms.

What do I mean, exactly?

Start by asking yourself this question: How active is the messaging functionality in your corporate dashboards? Yes, you publish metrics and business indicators to your audience via tables and charts. Yes, you even have a widget on your dashboard that provides company news and “Did you know?” highlights.

But does your dashboard let you actively push a message to your viewers in real time? What kind of message? A system-based alert? Can it handle a human-published message?

Take a look at what Klipfolio is doing with Klipfolio Publisher. If you will recall, Klipfolio has been innovating in the business dashboard space through their unique “desktop dashboards”. These clever “gadget or widget-style” mini-apps reside on the the desktop and appear when you boot up your machine. No need to launch a specific app or load a particular webpage. They take up very little real estate and appear when needed. Klipfolio’s latest versions of the desktop dashboards take advantage of some very powerful messaging functionality.

Take a look at this message that comes from the dashboard widget:

Klipfolio Publisher

Want to see how that message was configured and sent out? I’ll show you, but first take a look at this quick video of me talking about communicating to your user base through digital dashboards and urging you to download and try Klipfolio (go to this link: Klipfolio Dashboard .


Here’s what the admin page looks like for the creation of the message:

Klipfolio publisher message administration page

Here is how you set the severity level of the communication:

Klipfolio publisher message severity level

And here is the message down in the system tray area of your desktop.

Klipfolio publisher message severity level

Now doesn’t that give you ideas as to how your dashboard can be a more active part of your communication strategy to your user base?

Here’s a video on Klipfolio Publisher:


The Klipfolio Publisher functionality is part of the new Klipfolio release. Here is some info:

There’s 2 big changes for this release and a number of smaller ones. The first highly visible change is the addition of interactive pie charts that let users mouseover different pie segments to get more info on a given KPI. The second is a secure, hosted, publisher that let’s users share news and alerts with their team or whole organization via their desktop dashboards without any help from IT.

And finally, here is the press release:

Klipfolio Dashboard Simplifies Real-Time Alerts & Notification
New release gives managers and communicators publishing power without taxing IT

Ottawa, Canada – December 1, 2009: Klipfolio, Inc., developer of KPI dashboards, today announced the immediate availability of Klipfolio Dashboard version 5.3. The dashboard software now adds organizational and departmental notifications and alerts to its well-known strength in KPI reporting for operational decision makers.

While dashboard software aims to give workers the performance data they need when they need it, achieving this goal can also increase the burden on overworked IT departments. Klipfolio Dashboard solves the first problem by putting KPIs in front of every employee all day long. Now Klipfolio addresses the second problem with real-time alerts and notification that are completely self-serve and require no IT intervention.

KPI dashboards from Klipfolio are popular with Fortune 1000 firms like Baxter Healthcare, EMC and Lufthansa for improving data visibility for business performance metrics using a light-weight desktop dashboard that exposes performance indicators and drives application adoption.

“The new real-time publishing system is invaluable for employee alerts,” say Allan Wille, CEO of Klipfolio. “Above and beyond internal communications, every department needs to communicate with their staff. Klipfolio Dashboard Publisher let’s managers and communicators notify the workforce with anything from passive news to critical alerts that require acknowledgement – all without any added IT effort.”

The 5.3 release also builds on Klipfolio Dashboard’s ability to share KPIs at a glance. In addition to tables and bar charts, desktop dashboard users can now visualize KPIs in interactive pie charts as well as searching and filtering dashboard KPIs with a new find feature. Finally, the new version also adds support for Microsoft’s XML Excel spreadsheets – the .xlsx format.

About Klipfolio Inc.
Klipfolio develops Klipfolio Dashboard – the KPI Dashboard – to help the Fortune 1000 increase the visibility of key performance indicators for informed decisions that improve performance and profitability. It is the only business dashboard that presents operational information directly on the desktop where it’s always visible, accessible, and actionable. Clients include Intel, Staples, Baxter Healthcare, EMC and Lufthansa. For more information, visit For more information visit, call +1.877.233.6149 US and Canada or +1.613.233.6149 Worldwide, or email