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The title of today’s Dashboards By Example post, “Switching Dashboards” has a double meaning. It’s true that many business intelligence users are switching to desktop dashboards because of the benefits of the “immediacy” of data when it’s on your personal desktop. I’ve posted in the past about the use of the desktop dashboard by Allan Wille and his team of dashboarding gurus at Klipfolio, Inc as an “unavoidable dashboard” device (see item #3 in 5 Hot Dashboard Topics of 2009).

The other, more literal, meaning of the phrase switching dashboards arose in a discussion I had with a Dashboard Spy reader over how to design a “switching mechanism” for users to toggle between different dashboards. I’ve personally used the old dropdown selector and the subnav styling (Dashboard 1 | Dashboard 2 | Dashboard 3) as switches between dashboards. The reader wanted a more novel approach and, again, the Klipfolio Dashboard came to mind. Specifically, the Dashboard Demo Assistant that comes with the Klipfolio demo download.

What do I mean? If you’ve tried the latest version of the Klipfolio Dashboard 5.1 software, you’ll know that there are several different dashboards that come with the download. You use the Dashboard Demo Assistant not only to control and configure each of the dashboards, but also to toggle between the dashboards. Download and install the demo to see how it works.

It’s a very cool solution to switching dashboards. I created a Dashboard Spy video of my adventures with the Klipfolio demo.

A reader wrote recently asking why I haven’t produced any Dashboard Spy videos as of late, so here you go. And, yes, of course I included the Dashboard Spy theme song.

Watch for how the Dashboard Demo Assistant is used to load the different dashboards. Also, if you haven’t tried Klipfolio lately, this new version is simply awesome. Make sure to take a look at the new sparkline charting capability. I’ll post more in upcoming posts about Klipfolio. It’s grown into quite a compelling dashboard platform. Meanwhile, enjoy this video:

Regards Hubert Lee, The Dashboard Spy

PS. If you like videos about business intelligence dashboards, be sure to check out dashboards.tv at this link:


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New Klipfolio Dashboard Release Incorporates Improvements for Enterprise Dashboard Reporting

Dashboards by Example will now provide coverage of news releases related to business intelligence dashboard products, vendors and news. Thanks to the suggestions by Dashboard Spy readers who want their business intelligence news collected in one place – the Dashboards by Example blog!

I forsee typical news coverage taking the following form: First a reprint of the news release as issued by the source (software vendor, industry source, educational institute, etc) and then a followup in a separate post of those truly interesting news items.

We start the series with a news release from Klipfolio, Inc. concerning the release of version 5.1 of their desktop dashboard for business.

It’s an interesting time in the business intelligence software space. Some dashboard software vendors such as Klipfolio suggest tough economic times are actually good for the dashboard business due to the increased scrutiny on performance.

Media Release                                                                              


Raising the Bar on Operational Performance Dashboard Software

Klipfolio Dashboard 5.1 Improves KPI Reporting and Mass Notification for the Desktop


Ottawa, Canada – May 26, 2009: Klipfolio, Inc., the leading developer of desktop dashboard software for operational performance management, today announced the immediate availability of Klipfolio Dashboard 5.1. The enterprise dashboard application incorporates improvements requested by a growing Fortune 1000 customer community.


“With Klipfolio Dashboard we make faster, better decisions based on what’s happening now, not what’s already happened”, says Richard Woodruff, PNC Corporate Help Desk. “Our KPIs are based on data from all our systems, so we’re leveraging our existing technology for maximum benefit.”

Klipfolio Marketing Dashboard

Klipfolio Marketing Dashboard


Klipfolio Dashboard 5 was embraced by departments that demand real-time performance and efficiency such as Sales, Help Desk organizations and the supply-chain and the enhancements in the 5.1 release build upon that strength with new features that include:


·       Sparklines for visual displays of historic trends. Programmed right in Klipfolio Dashboard, sparklines show at-a-glance performance trends in highly visible but unobtrusive desktop Klips.

·       Enhanced CSV handling for exports from other data systems and performance improvements for parsing large amounts of data.

·       Custom prefixes and suffixes including currency symbols and units of measure to add specific and regional context to numeric values and performance indicators.

·       Mass notification allowing enterprises and campuses to communicate with their workforce or student body using ad hoc or event-driven alerts on the desktop.


“With their last full release, features like multi-level drill-down or filtering along with support for XML, ODBC and SOAP helped Klipfolio gain momentum in the enterprise space,” says Lyndsay Wise, Chief Analyst at Wise Analytics. “This 5.1 update appears to build on that and the mass notification abilities are well-timed for a growth market”.


The media and dashboard fans can learn more at www.klipfolio.com/products or download an evaluation version at http://downloads.klipfolio.com.


About Klipfolio Inc.

Klipfolio develops Klipfolio Dashboard — the desktop dashboard for business — to help the Fortune 1000 increase the visibility of business information for faster, informed decisions that improve performance and profitability. Klipfolio Dashboard is the only enterprise dashboard that presents information directly on the desktop where it’s always visible, accessible, and actionable. Founded in 2001, Klipfolio is privately held and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. Clients include Intel, Staples, EMC, and Lufthansa. For more information, visit www.klipfolio.com.


For more information visit www.klipfolio.com, call +1.877.233.6149 US and Canada or +1.613.233.6149 Worldwide, or email sales@klipfolio.com.


— end —


For more information, please contact:

Allan Wille

Klipfolio Inc.

P +1-613-233-6149

E press@klipfolio.com


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Klipfolio Enterprise Desktop Dashboards – Sales Dashboard Example

Sales Dashboards: Update! Klipfolio has released version 5.1 of their desktop dashboards. A compelling way to report sales metrics and KPIs is their new sales dashboard. It’s an interesting way to use the PC desktop to bring immediacy to the sales managers and executive management.

Lately we’ve been discussing the Principle of Placement, one of the rules underlying business intelligence dashboard design. Remember the post about the 3 Rules of Dashboarding in which we discussed the great article in CIO Today – The End Game for Business Intelligence.  We’ve focused on various incarnations of getting at-a-glance dashboard information out of the browser and client and onto a place closer to the user. The idea is to try to get the BI alerts as close to the user as possible – why log into a website or launch a software application when you can have the information come to you? We seen that several vendors have targeted the PC desktop itself through widgets that load when you boot up the machine. No need to launch a specific business dashboard software application.

Chief Dashboard Spy at Klipfolio, Allan Wille, was kind enough to send along a sneak peek of their version of desktop business intelligence, the KlipFolio Desktop Dashboard. Here’s a look at the upcoming new Version 5.

By the way, if the name Allan Wille sounds familiar, he is the author of the above-mentioned article in CIO Today that discussed the rules of dashboarding. Great job!

Desktop Dashboard for Sales CRM

As you can see from this very appealing dashboard, this company really knows what it is doing in terms of  UI design. The fact that it’s a desktop widget means that the collection of small dashboards or “Klips” as the company calls them, can stay out of the way until you need them, keep current through behind the scene data updates and automatically load when you turn on your machine.

This is a sales dashboard. Note the sales pipeline centric collection of metrics: Changes in web traffic sources and visits, Newest Sales Opportunities, Sales Representative Performance Metrics, Pipeline figures, and contact information.

Let’s hear it straight from them:

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