Mobile Dashboards for the iPad

Mobile dashboards for the iPad have steadily grown in popularity. Here’s a quick look at’s mobile dashboards. The sales force, of course, is constantly on the run and, subsequently, being able to pull up relevant dashboards quickly on mobile devices is a big need. The app saves time by using “recent” and “followed” dashboard views as a key navigation style.

Take a look at this screenshot from an iPad. It shows recently viewed dashboards.

When you click on one, it comes up like this Sales Activity dashboard:

And this screenshot shows the dashboard being configured. Note the styling details.

Here is a video explaining these dashboards in more detail.

Geckoboard Dashboard

In this dashboard example post, we look at the realtime business analytics dashboard called Geckoboard. It just officially launched, but we’ve been watching this widget-driven dashboard closely it while it’s been in beta.

Businesses these days have quite an extraordinary amount of data to look at. Most companies track web analytics, marketing metrics, e-mail statistics, customer support numbers, project management issues and much much more. And that’s just the marketing department!

Geckoboard Dashboard

Now that dashboards are popular, management is finding that they have multiple dashboards to log into and monitor. This can make dashboard adoption slowdown and companies are looking for dashboard consolidation techniques.

This particular dashboard example features a drag-and-drop interface and allows business owners a real-time view of their entire operation. Take a look at the screenshot and you’ll see that it’s largely text driven with key metrics highlighted via the sizing of the font and color indicating alert status.

This dashboard is customizable and is comprised of collection of widgets. Each widget represents data from possibly different data sources. Much of the metrics is website analytic centric with sources such as Google analytics, social media tracking, project information from base camp and similar, and other popular web analytics tools.

As this is a flash-free application it works on the iPad and iPhone here is a very cool product shot which stresses the point.

geckoboard ipad iphone dashboard

Interestingly the software has a “large screen mode” which makes it suitable for displaying on a large TV screen such as you would use in the lobby area of a company. As dashboards by readers know, I’ve highlighted a number of ways that companies broadcast their management transparency by encouraging consumption of enterprise dashboard data by everybody.

There is an interesting conversation going on about the pricing model of this dashboard. Take a look at this link, but it appears that right now the pricing model is based on a per device usage model. The company seems to be open to conversation about the pricing model so take a look at the discussion.

Geckoboard Pricing Model Discussion

Info on Launch of Real-time Business Metrics Dashboard – Geckoboard