Lightbox Images on Excel Dashboards

Today’s Dashboard Design Tip from the Dashboard Spy: Showing Images in Excel with a Web 2.0 Flair!

Excel dashboards can use the Lightbox image technique so popular with blogs and websites these days. Have you seen the effect where you click on an image or a link to a form and the new content pops up in front and the underlying page dims to a dark gray or black? That’s called lightboxing.

Thanks to the always innovative dashboard experts at Juice Analytics who wrote the post, Lightboxing Images in Excel, we get this Excel Dashboard xls file (right click and save xls file) and accompanying image media.jpg (right click and save to root of C drive). Download those files to see the following effect:

Here is the Excel dashboard:

Excel Dashboard with Lightbox Image

When you click on the “Show” button, the speadsheet dims and the following image appears on top of the excel dashboard. To dismiss the image, you would click on it.

Excel Lightbox

The lightbox javascript is called Lightbox2 and is maintained by Lokesh Dhakar.

Be sure to visit the Juice Analytics post to read more about this lightboxing technique in Excel.

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