11 Elements for HR Dashboards

Dashboard Spy Topic: KPIs for Human Resources Dashboards. An interesting list of HR Key Performance Indicators comes from this pdf document titled The HR Dashboard: People Fuel Your Company’s Success.

  • Company Leadership
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Flexibility & Control Over Work
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Career Advancement
  • Work-Life Support
  • Teamwork & Quality
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Participation
  • Communication
  • Employee Resilience
  • Employee Commitment

A typical listing of Human Capital metrics. The question, of course, is what data sources can you gather and roll up to calculate or derive the above areas? No easy task.

Take a look at the diagram. It shows the first 9 elements rolling up to “Employee Resilience” and “Employee Commitment”.

Human capital metrics

Human Capital Dashboard Tracks Strategic HR Metrics Using Xcelsius

A Human Capital Dashboard addresses what was deemed a weakness in HR measurements – that companies gather human resource metrics but don’t use them strategically. A 2004 survey of senior executives, managers and HR professionals showed a wide gap between HR KPI collection and the use of that information as a management tool. See Human Capital Metrics: Most Users are Missing the Point.

Enterprise Dashboards, of course, are excellent in providing actionable business intelligence and are tools used to bridge gaps such as these.

Thanks to a Dashboard Spy over at Inverra, a consulting company with a focus on performance dashboards and scorcards, we get this great live demo of an Xcelsius Human Capital Dashboard. It really works hard to address that gap between knowledge and action by providing human capital metrics that are grouped in an intuitive and helpful way. Let’s start by looking at the screenshot of the dashboard:

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