Free Excel Dashboard Templates from L3 Analytics

Excel dashboard expert and long time Dashboard Spy reader Peter O’Neill is the founder of London based business consultancy L3 Analytics.

Peter is thrilled to share with fellow Dashboard Spy readers his collection of free EXCEL DASHBOARD TEMPLATES.

Take a look at this screenshot and then look for the links below to the excel dashboards.

excel dashboard template

Here’s his note to me:

Hi Hubert,
Thanks again for this, going to be great to get onto a blog such as yours.

The blog post introducing the dashboards can be found at  It describes why dashboards are important in my field of web analytics, the contents of the dashboards and how they are created/updated.  There are two dashboards available for download, allowing segmentation or without segmentation, both available in Excel 2007 and Excel 97-03.  I have additionally provided a sample dashboard so that users can see what the dashboard looks like once created.



These performance dashboards have been created to fill the gap between Reports and minimalistic Actionable Dashboards.  They provide valuable information to their users but do not overwhelm them with data.  If set up with appropriate KPIs, they provide all the data required by a business owner for them to understand performance without the need to use a web analytics tool themselves.  Any questions can be raised with an analyst to investigate further.

The Performance Dashboards are very customisable, allowing users to define up to 12 metrics and 6 segments along with the relevant time period (day, week or month) and choose between three versions of the dashboard design.  Details are entered into a Setup worksheet and then the dashboard is automatically created via a macro.  Full instructions are included with each dashboard.

Updating these dashboards each period is also automated once data has been entered into a Data Summary worksheet.  Ideally the data extract would be automated as well but this has not been included as the dashboards can work with any web analytics tool or alternative data source.  Customised dashboards including set up and automation of the data extract are available through L3 Analytics.


L3 Analytics is a London based business consultancy, making use of web analytics data to improve the performance of online organisations. They offer a full range of services from the set-up of web analytics tools through to transforming data into the intelligence required by business decision makers.

I have tried to keep all the information short and to the point here, let me know if you would like me to expand on anything. 

Thanks again

Peter O’Neill