Second Best Excel Dashboard of 2008

The Excel Dashboard that placed second best in the MicroCharts 2008 Excel Dashboard Competition was created by Jim Uden. His Outpatient Surgery Center Dashboard shows the metrics for the operations of a health care facility. Owned by a partnership that demands comprehensive reporting, the ambulatory center operations generate large volumes of data that must be digested and presented in a clear and concise manner.

We’ll examine the Excel dashboard itself in a moment, but I wanted to point out this dashboard received a special mention on account of the great documentation and project background that the developer provided with the dashboard. Take a look through this Dashboard Walk-through Document and you’ll be impressed as well. A nice document to emulate in our own dashboard projects, for sure.

Here is the screenshot of the Second Best Excel Dashboard of 2008. It’s a large screenshot, so please click on the image to bring it into full view.

Second best excel dashboard of 2008

We’ll pull some backgound material from that great project document that I mentioned earlier, so please join me in reading the rest of this post by clicking on the “read more” link below.

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