Excel Dashboard Tutorial

This step-by-step Excel Dashboard Tutorial shows you how to design and implement an excel dashboard. Using a real-life case study, Chandoo walks you through the business requirement, data analysis, dashboard design and layout, pivot table construction and other aspects of the construction of this excel dashboard.

Click on this dashboard image to enlarge it:

excel dashboard tutorial

Do yourself a favor and check out this lesson on constructing an excel dashboard:

Excel Dashboard Lesson

Pay particular attention to Chandoo’s thinking about the design and layout of the excel dashboard. Also, listen for the advice he gives on the dashboard architecture decisions he makes.

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The Dashboard Spy

2008 Best Excel Dashboard

Excel Dashboard Update:

New tutorial walks you through the design, architecture and construction of this Microsoft Excel dashboard:

excel dashboard tutorial

Click here to see the Excel Dashboard Tutorial details.

Excel dashboards submitted as candidates for the best 2008 Excel dashboard design contest run by BonaVista Systems have been evaluated.

Wade Stokes is the winner of the best excel dashboard with his entry of this International Bank Dashboard. Click on the dashboard screenshot to enlarge the image and you’ll see a dashboard that make efficient use of screen real estate through incorporation of the popular sparkline graphic:

Winner of Best 2008 Excel Dashboard Competition

Click on the “read more” link to read some commentary by the dashboard designer:

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A Look at Building Dashboards in Excel

Update: If you need a quick path to Microsoft Excel dashboards, consider these Excel Dashboard Templates from ExcelUser. They are plug and play, pure Excel worksheets. Just point them to your data source.

It’s not often that you get to look over the shoulder of a talented information visualization expert while he builds an Excel spreadsheet. Jorge Camoes’ post entitled How to Create a Dashboard in Excel allows us to do exactly that.

As Mr. Camoes wrote to me:

Just wanted to tell you about a dashboard I posted in my blog, the “Demographic Dashboard”. It is a fully functional Excel 2003 dashboard that uses population data from the US Census Bureau to show growth and age structures for each country around the world.

With this dashboard I wanted to show that an average Excel user can design a dashboard that fits the needs of his small/non-profit organization for data monitoring. I also tried to follow some visualization best practices (no gauges, no speedometers…).

Hope you can find it interesting.

Take a quick look at this Excel dashboard and you’ll agree that “interesting” is an understatement:

excel dashboard demo

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