So Where are the Excel 2007 Dashboards?

Are less dashboards being built using Excel 2007 than I thought? The recent post about customizing the Ribbon navigation panel elements for Excel 2007 dashboards brought out a couple of comments from Dashboard Spy readers that basically said that Office 2007 upgrades were not yet in sight for them. Yes, it’s true that there’s a buzz out there about the dashboard-friendy functionality found in the Excel 2007 version and that we finally have a good Excel dashboarding book (see Excel 2007 Dashboards & Reports For Dummies), but Office 2007 is not yet commonly available in many enterprises.

I thought I’d look at the adoption rate of Excel 2007 in this post.

A great “in-the-trenches” look at whether people are using Excel 2007 yet comes from Charley Kyd of in his Excel 2007 Market Share survey. Since the release of Office 2007, he has been running a poll of what version Excel his site visitors have been using.

BTW, if you want an easy, low cost way to produce magazine-quality Excel dashboards, take a look at Charley’s Plug and Play Excel Dashboard Templates. Just point them to your data, and you have some great looking excel dashboard reports.

Here’s a screengrab from his site:

Excel version survey results

Click on the more link for more on this Excel version survey.
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