2008 Election Dashboard using Adobe Flex

2008 Election Dashboard Update:

Election Returns Map:

The Dashboard Spy reviews scores of political dashboards in the post:

Election Dashboards

Original post: We’ve highlighted some 2008 election dashboards in past posts on Dashboards By Example and have seen some pretty nifty work. Let’s continue that theme and look at an Adobe Flex dashboard coded by a long time Dashboard Spy reader and fellow BI blogger, Doug Marttila from forestandthetrees.com fame.

As you may know, Flex 3, the latest release from Adobe, has an increased number of charting components of interest to Business Dashboarders. For those interested in an insider’s view of programming with Flex 3, visiting Doug’s blog will give you a good sense of using Flex for data visualization. His recent work with a dashboard that tracks the 2008 election (delegate counts in particular) has been noteworthy.

Here’s the information that Doug sent along with his dashboard contribution:

I made this flex dashboard in part to learn Flex Charting Components – which I now think are great. I’m a full time flash/flex developer, so I’m biased. But, I think that Flex is clearly the best choice for dashboard development: fast development, lots of pre-built tools, and a growing open source community adding more libraries (many applicable to dashboards) all the time.

Thanks so much for sharing this great dashboard, Doug!

Here are some screenshots. Of course, so you’ll want to visit the flex dashboard demo itself to get a feel of how the flex components feel. Here’s the link: 2008 Election Flex Dashboard

2008 political dashboard with adobe flex

flex dashboard tracking election results

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Dashboards for Monitoring Elections

Update: Let’s fast-forward a couple of years to Election Day 2008. Obama vs. McCain. Mashup dashboards are all the rage and here’s a look at an election results map from Google:

As a nod to Election Day, I’ll start a dialog about using digital dashboards to track election-related matters. We’ve all seen the extension of business dashboards to encompass other subjects, but political statistics seem particularly well suited for dashboard-style presentation. Here is a dashboard dedicated to tracking the Tennessee Senate Race. You can view it at http://senate.tnpoliticsblog.com/.

Senate Race Dashboard

Homework: If you see any dashboards tracking today’s voting results, please click on this post’s headline, find the comments link at the bottom and please post the URL. Thanks. The Dashboard Spy.