Business Intelligence Data Mashups with Jay-Z and The Beatles

What do The Beatles and Jay-Z have to do with business intelligence dashboards?

Jay-Z, The Beatles and Enterprise Data Mashups

Welcome to the world of the data mashup!

As we have seen in the last few business intelligence dashboard examples, there is definitely a trend towards the use of data mashups on enterprise dashboards. Components such as Google Maps are valuable contributions on BI dashboards that add to the value of the user experience.

I’d like to point out an MP3 on that gives some great background on data mashups. It’s an interview titled: Audio Report: Mashups, Data and BI.

Byron Igoe starts off by explaining the general mashup phenomenon with a look at The Grey Album – a mashup of The White Album by the Beatles and The Black Album by Jay-Z. He explains that the idea of mashups in general has become quite popular.

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4 Principles for Dashboard Gauges

In a recent Dashboards by Example post titled Dashboard Eye Candy, we poked fun at the usage of big honking dashboard gauges. Like them or not, however, they do indeed have their place on business intelligence applications.

One of the example gauges used in the article came from the folks at Perpetuum Software, maker of .NET Dashboard Suite, a set of dial/gauge/charting components. In response to the post, they submitted an article to The Dashboard Spy detailing 4 principles to observe when using gauges in digital dashboards and business applications.

The article explores the basic principles of using elements that emulate real analog devices to represent values on digital dashboards. It starts with the acknowledgement that there are both weaknesses and strengths in using such representations.

They even provide cartoons to illustrate the points!

Speed of Perception of Dashboard GaugesAesthetics of Digital Dashboards

There are four basic principles to consider when you are considering a gauge on your dashboard:

  • Is it a good metaphor?
  • Speed of perception
  • Visualization
  • Aesthetics

Here’s the article (click on the “read more” link):

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