Real Time Operational Dashboard Case Study

The Dashboard Spy is pleased to be cited as a enterprise digital dashboard resource in the fine whitepaper by Sidney Shek titled Enterprise Digital Dashboards as Rich Internet Applications. This CSC paper was added to the CSC Leading Edge Forum Knowledge Library a while back, but came back to mind recently as I helped a Dashboard Spy reader design an operational dashboard.

Let’s take a look at a prototype dashboard featured in the whitepaper. It’s a real-time operational dashboard designed to track the operation of a Hot Strip Mill. You may have seen videos on Mr. Rogers where slabs of steel are heated and rolled through a series of operations until you have an inch thick piece of metal. It’s an awesome process that deals with huge machines and temperatures of up to 2300 degrees farenheit.

hot strip mill steel slabs Steel Mill Process Rolled Steel Mill

Here is the Hot Strip Mill dashboard itself.

Hot Strip Mill Dashboard

Let’s have a look at the commentary on this dashboard from the white paper. Here is the use case:

For this example, this dashboard is designed to be used by a manager of a production plant to view what is currently happening in the plant. The dashboard can be kept running on his/her computer on a second monitor in the background so that the manager can glance at it occasionally and pick up key performance indicators and current production status. When problems in the plant occur, there is sufficient detail on the dashboard to identify possible causes (through operator comments) and possible impacts (through information about the most recent products). The manager can drill down from the dashboard to investigate further if required. Changes in the plant’s status (e.g. when a stoppage occurs) are pushed from the server through to the client dashboard so that the information on the dashboard are kept up-to-date without requiring frequent polling of the server.

Click on the “read more” link to see the rest of the commentary on this real-time operational dashboard.

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