Dashboard Metrics Status Indicators

Every dashboard needs to display the status of various KPIs and metrics, right? We’re all familiar with the red, green, yellow statuses as indicated by little icons.

Here are some of my favorites. Maybe they’ll be useful to you:

Be careful to think through what the colors mean. You may think that the meaning of green is totally clear, but here is an example where, to me at least, there is some confusion as to whether green means take an action or don’t take an action. You’ll see in this video that green actually means “No” in the context of whether or not to go ahead. Strange? Take a look.

This video is an advertisement for a device that monitors the temperature of water and displays the result in a “glanceable” manner. It’s what we call an ambient device. We’ve covered real-world dashboards and ambient devices on The Dashboard Spy previously. More on ambient devices after you watch the video.

Ambient devices are a new genre of consumer electronics characterized by their ability to be perceived at-a-glance (also called “glanceable”). Ambient devices utilize pre-attentive processing to display information: the ability for the brain to perceive information without any apparent cognitive load.

Take a look at this post on the Ambient Orb and the Ambient Dashboard: