Dashboard Spy White Paper Collection Launches

The Dashboard Spy Collection of Business Intelligence White Papers is now live. You can easily preview and select white papers from multiple vendors across industry categorizations. Case studies and free business trade magazines are also available.

Some of the most interesting BI white papers on the site are:

  1. Business Intelligence Best Practices for Dashboard Design
  2. Business Intelligence for Decision Makers: Actionable Insights for Business Decision Makers
  3. FREE Microsoft Mobile Business Resource Kit
  4. The Alignment-Focused Organization: Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution
  5. Business Intelligence for Decision Makers: Actionable Insights for Business Decision Makers
  6. Making Open Source BI Viable for the Enterprise
  7. Changing the Game: 4 Ways to Unlock Your Employees’ Performance Potential
  8. 10 Critical Steps for Successful Project Portfolio Management – A Microsoft Office Project White Paper

Here is the press release:

For Immediate Release.

The Dashboard Spy Business Intelligence White Paper Collection is now live and available to the general business community. Available at http://enterprise-dashboard.tradepub.com , this resource gathers leading business intelligence white papers and case studies from major software vendors and service providers. The BI white papers are categorized in an intuitive, easy-to-browse manner, summarized and offered for immediate download.

Prior to the launch of this unique business intelligence resource, the process of locating and requesting current white papers and case studies from multiple vendors was a time-consuming task involving searching many websites. During the beta test to a selected audience of business intelligence dashboard project teams and business users, the usability of the BI white paper collection was studied and optimized.

“Part of the value of reading white papers is to keep up with the latest trends and products” said a beta tester who manages an information technology department, “I spent a lot of time figuring out which whitepapers were hot and which ones were a waste of my time. Now I just look at the Top 10 White Papers list on the Dashboard Spy BI White Paper Collection to see which ones I really ought to read. My favorite section of the site is the I.T. white paper section at http://enterprise-dashboard.tradepub.com/?pt=cat&page=Info

The Dashboard Spy Business Intelligence White Paper Collection is a project led by The Dashboard Spy, a popular, but unidentified, figure in the business intelligence community. The Dashboard Spy publishes thousands of screenshots of business intelligence dashboards and scorecards as a reference resource for BI dashboard designers and users. “This resource is an outgrowth of the List of Dashboard Experts project available at http://dashboardspy.com/experts ” explains The Dashboard Spy. “People told me that they would love a collection of the most useful dashboard and business intelligence whitepapers.”

The Dashboard Spy can be found at http://dashboardspy.com and http://enterprise-dashboard.com.

5 Top Business Intelligence Tool Vendors According to IDC

Dashboard Vendors Hot Topic: Must-Read Business Intelligence Vendor Landscape White Paper Ranks Top 5 BI Tool Vendors: Business Objects, SAS, Cognos, Microsoft, Hyperion.

For more dashboard whitepapers such as this, use these white paper resource links: Business Intelligence White Papers | Business Trade Magazines  |   Information Technology White Papers.

Business intelligence dashboarders should immediately read the recently released paper (report dated July 2007 based on 2004-2006 data) written by IDC entitled “Worldwide Business Intelligence Tools 2006 Vendor Share“.

In addition to reviewing the “state of the union” in terms of BI tools and vendors, this excellent report offers some very interesting insight as to the ongoing adoption of business intelligence and dashboards by business users.

As defined by IDC, BI tools such as Dashboards belong to the query/reporting/analysis branch of the business intelligence tools section of the larger family of tools known as performance management tools and applications.

Here is a very interesting view of the taxonomy of business analytics software as seen by IDC:

diagram of idc business analytics software taxonomy 2007

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