E-Zone Dashboard

A Dashboard Spy’s job is never done, it seems. Even while doing some traveling and shopping for the holidays, I came across some very interesting data visualizations such as this Spanish language diagram about e-zones of all things. It was in a book I was flipping through at Saks on Fifth Avenue titled Latin American Graphic Design.

This example of an information dashboard should put to rest any concern that data analysis is a boring occupation. I’m sure that the data gathering and analysis behind these metrics proved stimulating. Yes, the research tasks may have been repetitive across many subjects, but, if the researchers put their minds to it, I’m sure they got through the data sampling just fine.

As the metrics were not presented in English, I’m not exactly sure what statistics are shown on this data visualization, but I think that certain things in this world are universally understood.

Here is the information visualization graphic. I call it the Erogenous Zones Dashboard. I told you kids that Business Intelligence isn’t boring!

e-zone dashboard

And here is a screen capture of the front page of the book that I grabbed the dashboard from.

latin american graphic design

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