A Roundup of Business Analytics Commercials

Business intelligence and business analytics platform marketing is getting slicker and slicker. We are seeing a rash of high production value commercials for various BI software and analytics platforms from the major vendors. We also see service offerings being advertised this way. Here’s a look at a couple of these spots.

This first one is from CapGemini and it titled “Business Analytics and Big Data: The Battleground for Competitive Advantage”.

And here is one from IBM called Designed for Data. It’s part of their i for Business series.

This one is in a super wide screen format and is also from IBM. It’s called Business Analytics: Turning Data into Insight. It starts off with a very interesting fact: All the data in the world that existed up to 2003, we generated now in two days.

And this pitch for support, training, and consulting services for IBM Business Analytics from Inca.