Analytics Dashboard Design Case Study

Case studies of dashboard designs are incredibly valuable and very hard to come by. When you find such treasures, read them and revisit them again and again. As your own dashboard design skills get honed over time, you’ll see the information with new appreciation.

Here’s a really good article on “Building your App Dashboard”. It walks you through the design and construction of a web analytics dashboard:

Evolution of a Dashboard Design

Just take a look at these great graphics from the article:

Evolution of a Dashboard Design

Application Dashboard Design

This excerpt from the article:


It’s difficult to build a dashboard, without needing one first. This is why I think it’s a waste of time to build one before you have any customers. Inevitably you end up over-designing something that is impractical and showing you the wrong data. Once customers start using your application, you’ll have a much better idea what’s relevant and how often you need to see it. Even when the customers roll in, I’d still advise against building anything too fancy too soon. Here’s roughly how I see your needs and thus your dashboard evolve…