Build This Flex Dashboard

Excellent Dashboard Programming Resource via The Dashboard Spy. This 10 minute video from AdobeTV walks you through the construction of a Flex Dashboard connected to PHP services. The charting components communicate with data in a mysql database.

Flex Dashboard Tutorial

The downloadable assets that accompany this tutorial are available here:

Adobe’s Build My First Dashboard

You’ll be able to download the source code of the project, a MySQL database and a generic PHP service. The Adobe Flash Platform is used by several actors of the Business Intelligence industry (SAP Business Objects, MicroStrategy…). A lot of customers use the Flex framework to rapidly build expressive dashboards. The charting components of the Flex SDK are open source and they should answer your needs. The sample I’ve developed is quite simple, but there are more advanced components available on the market (IBM Elixir, KapIT, Axiis…).

Building a Flex Dashboard

How to create interactive gauges in Adobe Flex Dashboards and connect them to dynamic data sources” is the name of an article by Pallav Nadhani of FusionCharts.

In the article, he demonstrates how to build the following Flex-based Weather Dashboard:

Flex dashboard

As explained in the article, the following architecture was used for this Flex dashboard:

Fusion Charts for Flex (gauges)
YahooWeather service (live data feed)
Main Weather Widget (See diagram below)

Flex dashboard architecture

You can try out the Flex dashboard at .

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