iDashboards Winter Olympics Dashboard

Dashboard Spy Topic: 2010 Winter Olympics Scorecard from iDashboards.

The dashboard gurus at business intelligence dashboard software vendor, iDashboards, are continuing their tradition of helping fans of the Olympic Games track the medal counts of the competing countries.

Take a look at this dashboard screenshot. Use this link to try out the interactive iDashboards Winter Olympics Dashboard for yourself.

winter olympics dashboard

As you see, there are plenty of visual representations here showing all sorts of Olympic statistics.

Here is the medal count page of the dashboard:

winter olympics scorecard

The dashboards, which are updated daily, provide a summary of the day’s results and an interactive world map highlights participating countries and their corresponding medal tallies. The dashboards feature hover/click/drilldown functionality to explore each country’s results by sporting event and individual athlete performance. The additional dashboard provides even greater detail and the ability to compare results from across the globe with the help of graphic bar charts, speedometers, gauges, interactive country flags and medal icons.