Software Release Planning Executive Dashboard

Dashboard Software Topic: Enterprise Dashboard for Planning Software Release Scheduling.

Executive dashboards provide a great at-a-glance style way of understanding the status of your tasks, but do they lend themselves to use as planning tools. Meaning, can a dashboard serve as both a view mode and an update screen? Here is a look at a software iteration release planning enterprise dashboard that uses the drag and drop ability of AJAX, CSS and the DOM to great advantage. The first enterprise dashboard screenshot shows the release planning dashboard. The second dashboard screen shows how the user can create or update the details of the release. The third dashboard screenshot shows the drag and drop style of moving releases around. What do you think? Using AJAX and drag and drop as a way to make dashboards not only viewing tools but also as update tools. Is this too complicated an approach, or does it make for intuitive updating by the user?

Software release plan dashboard

software release plan

Sofware iteration release plan dashboard

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