Situation Awareness and Incident Management Dashboards

Dashboard Spy readers are everywhere – even within groups of ex-military. Thanks for these exciting dashboard screenshots from Isreal!

Dashboards add a lot of value to Situation Awareness and Incident Management systems. We are now seeing them appear more and more. Traditionally, security incident type systems are based on video only, but now the latest technologies allow for integration of video with animated simulations and enterprise dashboard displays. Perfect for situation awareness and threat management scenarios.

Today we look at the cutting edge work from a security firm based in Isreal called Rontal. This company was formed a few years ago by a group of Isreali Air Force pilots whose vision is to “apply modern aviation concepts to business applications”. Gee, guess what that means? Yep, these guys love cockpits and dashboards!

For years, we’ve seen those 3d animations where famous security incidents are recreated and analyzed (think JFK and the grassy knoll). For those not familiar, the Rontal boys provided this video of a typical facility animation for situation awareness scenarios. Now, the latest approach is to mix together actual video, these 3d animations, and model data right on top of the combined visuals – and all the while monitoring the situation via a digital dashboard.

It’s easiest to show you what I am talking about. Here is a screenshot of the main incident management dashboard. By the way, “incident” is defined nicely: “An incident is any mishap which distracts or negatively affects prescheduled activity in a specific site or facility, in aspects such as security, safety, and business continuity.”

As you’ll see from the following series of dashboard screenshots, their dashboard software allows inventory of the related assets of the facility, modeling of various threats, monitoring of incidents, planning of recovery efforts, and in extreme cases, the deployment of forces to retake the facility (yep – Isreali Air Force for sure!).
Security Incident Management Dashboards

Threat Management Status Dashboard

Threat Management Dashboard

As you see, you can monitor security threats of various kinds on this dashboard. This includes incidents such as fire, bomb threats, evacuations. Here is a dashboard showing the status of a building evacuation due to a bomb threat.

Building Evacuation Dashboard

Layout of the situation awareness console

Checking a buildings floors

Dashboard for Modeling a Building Fire

Combining live video with 3d facility modeling

example of video overlay with 3d modeling

Here is an example of using the system to monitor the Knesset (parliment) in Isreal.

example of monitoring the knesset in isreal

The system allows the simulation of different lighting conditions, times of day and weather/visibility conditions:

Modeling 3d facility images

Changing scenarios

Modeling Evacuation Routes

Fire Escape Routes

Here is a suggested layout of a system for multi-site situation awareness scenarios.

Multi-site Incident Control Dashboards

Here is a suggestion for the war room layout:

Control and Command Center

And finally, you can use the system to plan force deployment:

Military or Police Force Deployment Dashboard

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