Simple Grey Metrics Dashboard HTML Template

Dashboard Spy readers: Here’s another HTML dashboard template for your mockup and project implementation purposes. It was created in response to some feedback from the previous Dashboard Spy HTML Dashboard template. For those readers catching up, I recently sent an HTML dashboard template out to people signing up for the Dashboard Spy email list. It was a 4 column layout with portlets of varying size. Some portlets have graphics while others had data tables with scroll bars and alternating colors. Here’s a thumbnail screenshot of the dashboard I called “4 Columns of Joy”.

4 columns of joy dashboard template

Dashboard Spy email list members wrote me asking if I could provide a simpler HTML dashboard template. These dashboarders didn’t have the need for all those portlets.

In response, I created the following dashboard template. I call this one “Simple Grey Metrics Dashboard”. Again, take a look at this dashboard screenshot, and if you would like the html for it, please fill out the form below to join the Dashboard Spy email list and we’ll make sure you get the template.

If you’ve signed up for the mailing list already, you’ll automatically get this new dashboard template.

simple metrics dashboard html template


After submitting the contact information above and confirming the signup by checking your email, you’ll get the link to the zip file containing this dashboard html template.

Be sure to let me know what you think!

Regards The Dashboard Spy

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