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On digital dashboard navigation and usability best practices: With the latest version of SharePoint being so robust in features handy for enteprise dashboard projects, I’m seeing quite a few SharePoint-based dashboard projects underway. Here is a great article on the navigation aspects of Sharepoint. While navigation in enterprise dashboards tend to be very straight-forward, it’s still important to understand the usability principles underlying it. For most dashboards, go with what everyone else is using. As mentioned in the article:

Emerson (who said “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”) is a personal favorite author of mine; however, he didn’t have to train hoards of users how to use a new interface. There’s definitely something to be said for creating the kind of navigation that users are accustomed to. In the world of the Web that means navigation belongs on the top and on the left.

Nearly every non-marketing Web site will follow a pattern with navigation on the top and on the left-hand side. While what is on the top and left side differs, the fact that these spaces are reserved for navigation normally does not. So if you’ve got a wild side, or feel like training scores of users, you can move the navigation — otherwise we’re more or less stuck with the accepted norm.  

This wireframe shows the structure of SharePoint’s zones, or sections of the screen in which you can populate web parts. It is recommended that you place the horizontal navigation above (right of the site logo) and use left navigation as shown:

Navigation wireframe Sharepoint dashboards

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Homework: Usabilty is key when presenting to the end user through a dashboard. Study up on the discipline of usability. Start with these usability books.

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