SharePoint Dashboard for Marketing Campaign Tracking

SharePoint Dashboards are becoming more and more popular in corporations, especially with the increasing adoption of MicroSoft Office 2007. The latest release of SharePoint (Office SharePoint Server 2007) is packed with features and package integration points that make for powerful enterprise dashboards.

Today we look at a live demo of a SharePoint Dashboard built for a marketing team to track their marketing campaign metrics. The demo is well worth visiting, as is the Microsoft site it is hosted on – the SharePoint Community Portal.

Take a look at this screenshot of the SharePoint Communtiy Portal before we dive into the Marketing KPI Dashboard. As you see, it is a SharePoint resource that is built with Office SharePoint Server 2007 and features many SharePoint resource blogs and demo SharePoint dashboards. Note the welcome message where they proudly note that the SharePoint team “eats their own dogfood”.

SharePoint Community Portal Screenshot

Now let’s move on to the marketing dashboard. Remember, it’s a live demo, so visit this dashboard here. Here is the screenshot of the Marketing Campaign Tracking dashboard.

Sharepoint Marketing KPI dashboard

Note the various webparts created for the marketing team. There is a campaign budget summary and campaign progress summary, both with drill down capability.

Here is a screen capture of how the hover-over drop down style of SharePoint drill down works:

sharepoint drill down

Document libraries are a key part of MicroSoft Sharepoint, so let see how documents web parts are handled in this dashboard. Here is a screenshot of a marketing status forms dashboard:

sharepoint documents

To interact with the documents, you can click on the actions drop-down button on the dashboard:

sharepoint action button

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