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Dashboards are getting lots of great press this month. First, we had that picture of President Obama using the Federal IT Dashboard (which identified 45 projects to shut down right away because of cost overruns and schedule concerns).

Now we have marketing guru and possibly the world’s smartest man, Seth Godin, giving dashboards some focus on his blog. In a blog post simply titled “Dashboards”, Seth asks if you’re solving your users’ knowledge problems.

Here’s a quick screen grab of part of Seth’s post:

seth godin dashboards

There’s lots more, so be sure to visit his post. I took only 2 snippets of his post.

With this exposure, business dashboards are really going to take off. Millions of Americans are now checking on their government’s spending through the Federal It Dashboard, most new busines applications have adopted dashboards as the new “home page” content, and now smart people outside of business intelligence (like Seth Godin) are spreading the joys of dashboarding. The whole dashboard approach to presenting data visualizations and business intelligence is about to reach the tipping point.

I’m proud to have done my part in advocating the use of dashboards and educating people about the best practices of dashboard design. It’s gratifying to be part of such a revolution in the presentation of knowledge and information.

Seth Godin is a genius. Note again the 4 points he makes:

  1. If you can add a digital dashboard to your service, do it.
  2. If you can make the dashboard public, it gets more powerful.
  3. Highlight data that changes behavior.
  4. Allow the user to highlight the information that matters to them.

Watch the hyperbolic adoption rate of business dashboards from this point. And remember, I called it!

Hubert Lee
The Dashboard Spy

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