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Enterprise Dashboard vendor, SAS, scored a 4.1 in the 2005 Meta Group Enterprise Reporting and Dashboard Assessment that we’ve been detailed these past few posts. The 4.1 score ties SAS with Microsoft, and put them in a tie for fifth place. See the original post, Meta Group Rating of Vendors for Enterprise Reporting and Enterprise Dashboards, for the source study download.

In the study, Meta had this to say about SAS:

SAS WebReportStudio (Part of BI Server Version 9.1 Product)

SAS WebReportStudio is an effective enterprise reporting and dashboard product that is delivered as part of the BI Server product. WebReportStudio is not sold as a separate product. With the release of SAS 9, WebReportStudio has improved. In addition to very strong data connectivity, SAS can embed and reuse analytical stored processes.


• Best-in-class connectivity with out-of-the-box support for more than 70 data sources
• WYSIWYG report design environment that renders real data in design mode
• Strong support of multiple languages and international requirements
• Good support of Excel with add-in component


• Low presence and scalability and performance scores due to WebReportStudio being a relatively new product
• No support for cascading parameters, though scheduled to be addressed during 2005
• No support of content caching, though this is expected to be supported during 2005
• Pricing limited to per CPU and enterprise options and is based on a subscription model

Before we look at a sampling of some SAS dashboards, let me point out the great resource that SAS has in Dr. Robert Allison. He’s produced some wonderful, award-winning enterprise dashboards using SAS technology. Also, he has been willing to share SAS code, for example, here’s how to emulate Excel-style graphs using SAS as we see in this screenshot:

SAS code to generate excel graphs

Here are some enterprise dashboards done using SAS. Feel free to submit more and I’ll update this post to include them:

SAS webreportstudio

SAS sales dashboard graph

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PS. Companies that value the importance of KPI reports and metrics but don’t have business intelligence dashboard expertise on their staff can go the route of using an embedded dashboard for their enterprise business intelligence applications.

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