Dashboard for Sales Performance and Commission Metrics

Dashboard Example: Sales Force Dashboards. Nothing allows an at-a-glance understanding of the sales performance of your sales team lika Salesforce Dashboard. has evolved from a CRM application service to an application platform that can host third party provided functionality. AppExchange is where external developers can create add-on applications that link into the main system. This has become a popular way for users to extend the functionality. There are over 600 apps available, many of which take the form of dashboards. Today we look at a couple of dashboard screenshots that focus on sales performance and sales commission measurement.

To start off, here is a screenshot of Lucidic’s Sales Performance Manager Dashboard: Sales Performance Dashboard
You can see that it is very straight-forward from the excel-style dashboard school.

The bookings of each sales representative is tracked against his quota. The percentage of quota cell is conditionally formatted with red, yellow or green to indicated an alert status. Likewise, the sales pipeline and percentage of projection is conditionally formatted. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual views are simply laid out side to side.

This next dashboard is more interesting. It shows Sales Commissions Tracking: sales commission dashboard

Again, modeled after a paper-based original (the classic commission sheet – note the use of the word “tearsheet”), this report mirrors some information found in the earlier dashboard. Additionally, the excel-like portion of the spreadsheet includes commission information.

Leveraging the more modern “portlets” approach of a dashboard, there are separate screen sections for the commission plan (showing the commission rates by tier), bonus plan details (for new and replacement sales) and a bonus calculator.

The content of this dashboard is fine. The design needs to be modernized to embrace modern dashboard design. Let go of the excel spreadsheet approach and embrace the portal style. Even Excel has done so.

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