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A sales dashboard is the killer app for all sales people. Not just for tracking opportunities, sales efforts and pipeline, but in keeping tabs on commissions and other compensation-related data. I have never been in an organization where there isn’t a struggle for the sales folks to get their compensation right.

A sales person’s focus, of course, should be on closing opportunities, but,  in reality, some days in the month are spent arguing with the back office over credits, commissions and incentives. Wouldn’t it be nice, if all this was displayed transparently on a sales compensation dashboard during the month for all to track?

A Dashboard Spy working on a sales dashboard sent me these screenshots that he was studying:

Example of Sales Compensation Dashboard

Look at the user controls, recognize them? Yep…

At a glance, you can tell that these dashboards are of the new RIA (rich internet application) category. In particular, FLEX. These dashboard screenshots do indeed come from an Adobe Flex 1.5 based offering from a company called Centive.

They offer an online service where sales organizations can track their sales compensation data. There are 3 user roles of the system and they each have their own dashboard. Sales reps, sales managers and compensation admininstrators.

A sales person can log in and see their sales performance for any time period, drill down to transaction details to see how commissions were calculated (a really big deal if you are an account executive! It’s the big value of the sales dashboard right there.), and check performance against quota targets.

Here is a look at the view an executive or manager gets when they want to check the performance of a team member:

Sales Performance Metrics Dashboard

Relevant metrics and KPIs include: estimated salary, total commission, compensation plan, percent of sales, team bonus, quota bonus, SPIFFs, draws/advances, adjustments, offsets, recovered, held and released amounts.

Note the partitioning of the sales compensation dashboard into portlets: My Performance, Alerts, and Awards.

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