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Dashboard Spy reader submissions of example dashboards often come in groups. Someone sees a particular dashboard screenshot and it triggers a “hey – that’s something like the dashboard project that I’m working on now” moment, and they send me a link. I’ll post that second dashboard, and soon you get a whole series of dashboards involving a similar theme. It is interesting to note the trends that emerge.

The recent focus on sales dashboards and metrics have triggered exactly that effect and so today’s post also has to do with tracking sales performance. In today’s series of dashboards, we’ll look at the questions that arise when managing sales channels.

Here’s an example of an executive dashboard for management of sales channel information. This dashboard answers the question, “How is my channel performance tracking against goal?” Note the various portlets: Sales to Goal, Sales by Reseller Type, Top 10 Resellers and Top 10 Products.

Sales Channel Management Dashboard

Note that these dashboards are powered by a reporting product called Analytic Insight. It specializes in parsing intelligence out of sales channel data. There is a product feature screencast available at the following link:

Analytic Insight Screencast

The second most interesting executive dashboard is the following sales territory dashboard. It answers the question: “In this region, who are my top resellers selling named end user accounts?”

Sales Territory Performance Dashboard

Total sales data for the various regions are shown both graphically and via tables.

This next sales data dashboard answers the question, “What is a particular reseller selling into a market segment such as SMB?”

Channel Reseller Performance Dashboard

You can slice by Industry Profile and ask “Who are my top Education Services resellers?”

Reseller revenue by industry dashboard

Revenue by Company Size is a good question. “What is the Distributor profile and who are my top resellers selling into enterprise-level accounts at each distributor?”

Distributor segmentation dashboard

What about looking at the sales channel data by product category?

Partner product dashboard chart

 Visibility into the end user is always nice when dealing with channel sales. Here is a look at the question, “What is the End User actually buying?”

Corporate end buyer profile dashboards

You can drill down and slice further.

Graph of product sales by region

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