Sales and Marketing Enterprise Dashboard – tracking pipeline KPIs

Sales Dashboard Example:

Here is a sales pipeline dashboard packed with plenty of sales and marketing KPIs to study. The info on the underlying product is located at The focus of this example is on the world of sales. There are lots of sales, marketing and sales pipeline metrics presented. Different dashboard views can be selected via a dropdown control.

The first screenshot shows an overall sales dashboard view with emphasis on the sales pipeline. Graphs are presented in portlets with dropdown filtering underneath each one. A simple graphic is shown for each KPI with the underlying data accessible via a link. The top row features Top Customers, Sales Revenue and Top Markets Sales Trend. The second row looks at pricing pressures and win/loss ratios. The bottom of the page features the sales pipeline.

Sales metrics dashboard

Here is the Sales Pipeline Projection KPI dashboard. The KPIs are presented by close date, by organization and by market segment.

Sales Pipeline Project Enterprise Dashboard

This is chart detailing the trend in the margin percentage that the company is making. A good way to focus sales attention in the areas that really pay off.

Margin Metrics Dashboard

Finally, you know I like to see how the dashboard views can be configured  by the users. Here is how the charts can be customized.

Customizing enterprise dashboards

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