Oracle PeopleSoft Scorecard and KPI Dashboard

In chatting with an enterprise dashboard designer who is starting a balanced scorecard project for a major corporation, I was pressed to look at the PeopleSoft scorecard applications. It seems that they have a set of industry and role-based enterprise scorecards that come pre-configured with commonly used KPIs and metrics. The available scorecard dashboards include: Customer Scorecard, Healthcare Scorecard, Manufacturing Scorecard, Project Portfolio Management and Supplier Rating System. I’ll get a hold of sample screenshots to show you, but I thought I’d feature today a general dashboard screenshot that shows how a user can scan and navigate through a bunch of KPIs. The navigation is classical and driven via a left side menu. Once you click on KPI List, the KPIs show up on the lower part of the center panel. However, there is a bit of weirdness there. Look at the tabs. The second tab is a “More” tab where you see the rest of the kpis. I’ve never seen that before. Doesn’t seem so intuitive to me. Also, what is the top part of the center panel (where there is a graphic of what seems to be a particular kpi) and its relationship to the lower part of the center panel (the kpi list)? Does clicking on something in the bottom part drive the selection of the top part chart? Unclear to me.

peoplesoft scorecard kpi dashboard

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