Oracle JD Edwards Plant Management Dashboard

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Thanks goes to the Dashboard Spy Reader who sent me the link to the pdf from Oracle titled Plant Manager’s Dashboard. This really helps out another Dashboard Spy reader who was recently assigned to a manufacturing plant analytics project.

The Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Plant Management Dashboard leverages data from the central ERP database and displays metrics for the following areas:

  • Revenue Management
  • Customer Shipment Performance
  • Manufacturing Performance

Here’s a quick screengrab from the pdf, but page down for a listing of the operational metrics used.

Oracle JD Edwards Dashboard

Yes, I know, the above dashboard screenshot is not very informative. Oh well,

However, let’s take a deep dive into the metrics themselves. Here is a graphic showing the metrics and the JD Edwards Modules that the information comes from:

Plant Management Dashboard Metrics

Here is a text listing of the metrics in case you want to cut and paste. The KPI appears first and the corresponding ERP modules appear in parentheses.

Booked order value (Sales Order Management)
Shipped order value (Sales Order Management)
Backlog trend (Sales Order Management)
Projected revenue by shipments (Sales Order Management)
On time shipment to request date (Sales Order Management)
Order promise date to requested date variance (Sales Order Management)
On time shipment to promise date (aggregate and trend) (Sales Order Management)
Book to ship days (Sales Order Management)
Past due order (amount and count) (Sales Order Management)
Back Order (amount and count) (Sales Order Management)
On-time Production (Shop Floor Management)
Actual production costs vs. planned cost (Shop Floor Management)
Inventory turns (Inventory Management, General Accounting)
First pass quality (Procurement)
Supplier on-time delivery (Procurement)
Material lead-time exceptions (Procurement)
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) (Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Management)
Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) (Accounts Payable, General Accounting)
Days Sales in Inventory (DSI) (Inventory Management, General Accounting)
Cash-to-cash (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, General Accounting, Sales Order Management)
Alerts (Condition-Based Maintenance, Capital Asset Management)

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