Flex Dashboard Tracks Olympics Medal Results

Looking for the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympics Medal Count? Use this shortcut:

Olympics Dashboard


Dashboard Topic: Olympic Dashboard

The dashboard design paradigm will be making frequent appearances on the public stage from now until the end of the year. I’m thinking in particular of two events that drive heavy news coverage:

  1. 2008 Summer Olympics
  2. 2008 Presidential Election

I’m confident that we’ll be seeing quite a few data visualizations based on business intelligence dashboard approaches for both of these events. The need to slice large amounts of data in many different ways and the requirement for ease of use and comprehension make these news events perfect for generating plenty of business dashboards.

As a preview of a summer olympics medal tally dashboard, we look at the work done by iDashboards in this Adobe Flex-based Olympics Dashboard.

You can visit the demo at the link above or preview the Flex dashboard in this video.


Click on the “Read More” link for the rest of this post. We’ll present a few screenshots from this flex dashboard as well as some commentary from the iDashboards folks.

Here is a screenshot of the medal count page:

Medal Count Data Visualization


Here is the Olympics Scorecard page:

Olympics Scorecard


Here are some comments from iDashboard:

The idea of bringing the benefits of business intelligence to Olympics’ fans comes from iDashboard’s mission to share its enterprise-class dashboards with all organizations that collect and store data. As business executives have come to learn, the process of collecting data is only half the job. The capability to view information assets is what provides actionable insight for individuals.

In the case of the Olympics dashboard the large data set, made up of long lists of countries, medals and athletes is collected and stored, just as financial and performance data from a healthcare organization or a financial institution would be. Using a business intelligence dashboard, data is presented in easy-to-view charts and graphs, providing a compelling visual representation of the information. For the Olympics’ tool, the use of color-coding on a map of the world enables fans to identify how many medals have been won for each country. To obtain finer details, like with an enterprise deployment of a dashboard, users can utilize the unique hover-and-click capability to drill-down further, examining specific elements, in this case the events each country has secured medals in.

The underlying technology of iDashboards’ software is Adobe’s Flex platform, which renders the dashboards in Flash. The dashboards are developed using a point-and-click interface, and the back-end data communication happens in real-time through XML and iDashboards’ J2EE based server.
The Olympics dashboard is presented in “Viewer” mode. However, based on the software license selected, user experience may be easily upgraded such that the end-users have the capability to customize how the data is displayed. For example, individual users can change chart type displays, colors, and rearrange their dashboards for a personalized experience. iDashboards provides a library of over 100 charting and mapping options to choose from.

A simple, easy-to-use interface is an important feature; however, powerful business analytics are also needed. The built in analytics capabilities offered by iDashboards enable users to apply mathematical expressions to perform calculations on their existing data sets, resulting in derived columns.

It is essential that companies deploy tools that enable analysis, tracking and the capacity to drill-down into the wealth of information collected. iDashboards simplifies this process, assisting companies in leveraging their information assets though visually rich, real-time and personalized business intelligence dashboards.

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