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Service Level Management (SLM) is the process of ensuring that IT services are linked to business processes and providing detailed visibility of service. By monitoring SLAs (service level agreements) and operating level agreements (OLAs), business and technology units can talk in terms that represent a common denominator in departments that used to be world’s apart. SLA dashboards can not only help visualize the data, but bring the management issues out in the open where they belong.

Thanks to long time Dashboard Spy reader and availability dashboard enthusiast Ken Vanderweel of Nimsoft Inc, we have the opportunity to study an extensive series of performance dashboards that monitor the availabilty of services for Amway Online. Powered by Nimsoft and used by Amway’s Germany-based IT organization to monitor a host of service statistics, the Network Operation Center dashboard has been instrumental in improving the organization’s quality of service.

Let’s take a look at a couple of photos of the dashboards in action and then we’ll zoom in on the performance dashboards themselves.

Here’s a peek at the ticker showing the bottom line, an “all clear” signal. I didn’t know what the numbers meant on the top ticker and Ken informed me that it was simply the local time in different European cities.

noc critical alarm ticker

Here are the happy dashboard users:

nimsoft dashboards

Here is the closeup of the dashboard monitors.

noc dashboards

I’ll let Ken explain the series of screenshots he sent me. Please note that because of the number of dashboard screens, I’ve place thumbnails in this post. You can click on each one to enlarge the screenshots. You’ll want to read the various annotations as they are very informative.

Amway’s Germany-based IT organization successfully achieved their goal of “IT to Business alignment” through the implementation of service level dashboards powered by Nimsoft. With these dashboards Amway’s IT organization is able to demonstrate to their business counterparts the services and service quality being provided. Dashboards made it possible for Amway’s IT organization to communicate in a language the business understands; not technology-centric but services-centric via business-centric dashboards that include quality of service statistics for Amway Online customers.

The dashboard sequence that follows gave Amway the increased visibility they needed to lift quality of service for business customers interfacing with their online web services from 96.5% to 99.5% in less than one month. Dashboards provided heightened ‘business visibility’ to improve end-user quality of service and overall business performance. Heightened visibility was accomplished through a combination of Nimsoft end-user and end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring software plus Amway’s creative use of the Nimsoft service level dashboards and dashboard design toolkit.

At the front of the dashboard sequence is a clear view of Amway’s Eastern European business region and the quality of service their customers are experiencing as they interface with Amway Online services. Amway’s IT organization can click to drill down to underlying dashboards that reveal more granular health status perspectives which accelerate problem isolation and resolution.

At the back of the stack of dashboards is an interesting business metrics dashboard that shows the health status of all sales orders channels. This particular dashboard was made possible through integration into Amway’s business process integration software. The dashboards display the number of online sales orders; dashboard alarms would indicate breaks/bottlenecks in the sales order/fulfillment process, for example, a failure in the backend processing such as a lost connection to the credit card bank.

Click to enlarge these dashboard screenshots:

Amway NOC Dashboard

Nimsoft NOC Availability Dashboard

Nimsoft Dashboard

SLA Dashboard

SLM Dashboard

Server Availability Dashboard

Network Monitoring Dashboard

Order Status Dashboard

ebusiness Dashboard

These last 2 SLA dashboards are my favorite, so be sure to check them out!

Thank you very much Ken of for sharing these dashboards with us!

PS. Help Desk and Service Desk Dashboards can come in many forms. Check out the range of approaches – from mobile dashboards to desktop dashboards.

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