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Dashboards by Example recently focused on mobile business intelligence dashboards with the post on Cognos Mobile Dashboards. We looked at Cognos Report access via Window Mobile, RIM Blackberry and Symbian devices. Today we continue our examination of the state of the art in Mobile BI by looking at how Business Objects offers mobile access to its Web Intelligence reports.

Let’s give the research folks at the Business Objects Lab their due by looking at some of their diagrams of their mobile dashboards. They call the platform MoBI. The Business Objects team is proud of pointing out that their mobile dashboard offering uses J2ME to integrate with BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and other mobile platforms. In particular, they stress that their solution offers write-back capability that allows for user updates to information in the BI platform from the mobile device – “something that the view-only Go! Mobile solution from Cognos doesn’t do”.

Hmmm. Is that the gauntlet getting thrown down? Are we in for a battle of features on the mobile dashboarding front? Let’s hope so as dashboard users only stand to benefit.

Here are the diagrams from Business Objects:

Mobi Dashboard Features from Business Objects

Business Objects Lab Diagram of Mobi Dashboards

I’m on the hunt for some MoBI screenshots, but in the mean time, let’s look at some more details:


Business Objects Mobile allows for mobile interaction with Business Objects Web Intelligence Reports. The same BI content users work with every day on their desktops is automatically rendered and optimized for their compact mobile devices.

Some snippets from the Business Objects page on BusinessObjects Mobile:

Users can get alerts on when reports are refreshed or ready for consumption and even work with the reports when disconnected from the network. BusinessObjects Mobile supports a broad set of mobile devices—including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, and any other J2ME 2.0-capable device.

With BusinessObjects Mobile, you can drill up and down in report charts and tables, interact with metrics and analytics, and pan and zoom to quickly gain an understanding of the data. You can also control report refreshes and specify parameters for a refined understanding of information. Immediately see what has changed in your report since it was last refreshed enhancing your business intelligence experience on the go.

BusinessObjects Mobile is a two-way application that empowers users to affect changes on the server—such as modifying a report’s underlying data in response to changing events. For example, an account manager could increase a customers’ forecast status from a three out of five to a four out of five directly after a positive customer interaction while at the client site.

BusinessObjects Mobile can be deployed in days and installed in minutes. It fully leverages existing Business Objects reports while reusing existing security. The full trust and reliability of BusinessObjects Enterprise is extended to the mobile environment. This means that 24×7 up-time, fault tolerance, semantic reconciliation, data quality, and auditability are all inherent to the mobile BI deployment. Additional levels of enterprise-class security are built in to ensure data does not reach the wrong hands.

The mobile device installation is fast and over the air without any additional management software. Installation packages can be preconfigured with all system settings to make installation truly a single-click experience.

If anyone has any screenshots of these BO Mobile Dashboards, please send them in for the rest of us dashboarders to check out.

Regards The Dashboard Spy

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