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Rounding out the sample executive dashboard screenshots from the enterprise dashboard vendors reviewed in the 2005 Meta Group rankings of enterprise reporting and dashboard vendors, is this set of Microstrategy management dashboards.  Microstrategy scored lower due mostly to the newness of its enterprise dashboard product offerring. As the Meta Group commented:

MicroStrategy 8: Report Services, NarrowCast, and MicroStrategy Office 

MicroStrategy has greatly improved its enterprise reporting and dashboard offering with the 8.0 release of Report Services. Improvements include the support of multiple output formats, much improved reporting and developer interfaces, SAP BW integration and the addition of data mining support. Report Services is integrated seamlessly into the overall MicroStrategy 8 product suite. Holding MicroStrategy back in the overall ranking is the relative newness of the Report Services product.


• Strong Web-based developer and end-user environments
• Integration of reporting and analysis within the same interface
• Best-in-class developer environment and support for parameters
• Above-average distribution capabilities
• Strong integration with multiple portal products


• Low presence and scalability ratings due to relative newness of product
• No check in/check out or versioning support for multiple developers
• Administration is not Web-based
• Report Services pricing is high, and MicroStrategy is difficult to negotiate with; this makes standardizing
on Report Services for all reporting needs (simple to complex) difficult

Here we take a look at several enterprise dashboards done using Microstrategy. See more examples of Microstrategy Report Services Dashboards at their site.

Here is management scorecard:

Microstrategy Report Services Management Scorecard

This is a performance management dashboard:

Microstrategy Performance Management Dashboard

And here is a shipping timeliness analysis:

Microstrategy enterprise dashboard

Followup: Enterprise Dashboards – KPIs, Metrics, Drill down reports – after deciding on the content, you’ll need to focus on how the deliver the dashboard. Web-based, fat client or how about desktop dashboard, even?

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