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Dashboard Topic: A Sneak Peek at Microsoft Bing Search Engine’s Scorecard

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled to the public yesterday at a conference. It’s the replacement to the Live search engine that will go live by June 3, 2009.

 Microsoft Bing

Upon hearing of the announcement I put out a call to my Dashboard Spy network to see if there’s anything noteworthy in the new search engine’s user interface that may be of interest to us business dashboard designers. Overall, the reception of the overall UI among people with advance access was lukewarm. One source alerted us to the use of “scorecards” with expanding sections, so I thought we’d take a look at that today.

Take a look at this screenshot of a Bing Scorecard. Specifically, it’s a restaurant scorecard with the usual metrics along the lines of atmosphere, food quality, chef, drinks, service, value, etc.

bing dashboard

The green graphs show the percentage of reviews that were positive for each data category. My main observation here is that a whole lot of real estate is devoted to those green bars. I’m not sure the value that those bars bring. Also, is there a meaning to the green color? Will they turn yellow and red when appropriate? I’m not sure, because there is a very low reading that is still green.

Here is a look at the restaurant scorecard when one of the categories is expanded. The section expandes and is filled with user reviews in speech bubble styling (like the iPhone text message display). A concern I have here is what happens when there are a hundred comments. Does the page just grow and grow?

bing scorecard

What do you think of this interface? Does it merit really being called a scorecard?

Also, you may notice that in one of the screenshots above the system name is Kumo. That was Microsoft’s code name for the Bing search engine. Nice trivia question for the future!

Regards Hubert Lee, The Dashboard Spy

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Bing Scorecard

  1. I agree with your points about the green bars!

    Also, I guess the 2-tone green is an attempt at a “3d” look? … Not very successful, imho. And it adds to the visual clutter, and slows down my comprehension of the graph since my brain spends time wondering whether the 2 shades of green are significant.

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