Meta Group Rating of Vendors for Enterprise Reporting and Enterprise Dashboards

Dashboard Spy Reader Update: Dashboarders looking for a recent Enterprise Business Intelligence Tool Vendor Ranking Report should see this Dashboard Spy post about the 2007 IDC BI Tool Vendor Study:

Back in March of 2005, the information technology research and advisory company, Meta Group, released a vendor evaluation study of companies offering solutions in the category of “Enterprise Reporting and Dashboards“. There were 9 criteria used to judge the competing enterprise dashboard vendors: Presence, Connectivity, Distribution, Scalability and Performance, Parameterization, Usability, Development, Administration and Pricing. Thanks to a Dashboard Spy reader at Cal State University, we have a copy of the study to share with you.

We’ll look at sample dashboards from each vendor in the next few posts, but here are some graphics from the study to look at. The enterprise dashboard vendor study itself has detailed commentary that everybody involved in enterprise dashboard projects should study. It’s a must-read, so enjoy.

Rankings of Enterprise Dashboard Vendors

Enteprise Dashboard Vendor evaluation criteria

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